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New round of cabinet ministers: tourism assigned to Franceschini

Di Antonio Caneva, 26 Febbraio 2014

From Mike Bongiorno’s “Cheers!” we have moved on to Matteo Renzi’s “Relax!” . As Enrico Letta might testify, I am not feeling truly relaxed: Renzi said his face is at stake, but it seems to me that the whole country is at stake, rather than just his face.
Anyhow, this is today’s menu – pardon me, today’s political proposal – and this is the news we have to live with.
Speaking of political news, we cannot help commenting on the ministry of tourism, which also includes the cultural heritage and activities.
We come from a sequence of three ministers who left quite a “footprint” : Michela Vittoria Brambilla wanted to abolish the Palio di Siena (talk about a tourism minister!); Piero Gnudi is remembered for having commissioned a costly and voluminous study from The Boston Consulting Group, whereof no trace is remaining; Massimo Bray triumphantly inaugurated the Bronzi di Riace museum, claiming success for a project which had been started by his predecessors years before.
Is the tourism system going to miss these ministers?
I really don’t think so. Let’s come to the present. The new minister is Dario Franceschini, whose biographies depict as the author of three novels (which is scarcely relevant).
In his programme, Renzi calls for discontinuity with the recent past and, as far as tourism is concerned, he has to be given credit not so much for having appointed an expert as minister (I am not aware that Frenceschini has any experience with tourism issues), but rather for having appointed a person of great political influence, who – I am sure – will want (and will have to) provide a boost to this ministry, up to now directed in such a colourless way.
What matters in politics, in addition to ideas and maybe more, is the available strength; with his long track record of political success, Franceschini will be able to make a positive impact, if he wants. This is our hope. On the other hand, considering the many problems afflicting our industry, we will soon find out. I hope I am not mistaken, I feel positive, indeed, almost relaxed…

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