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Looking for points of reference

Di Antonio Caneva, 4 Aprile 2003

As far as I can remember, never before had we experienced such a set of negative circumstances, influencing us on socially and economically and impacting on our daily lives, as we are doing these days.
We can do an act of faith – wake up in the morning and refuse to be negative. But as soon as we switch on the TV and read a newspaper, we are overwhelmed by a torrent of bad news that grip our feelings: the war on Iraq, the economic crises edging on recession, the epidemics from Asia, pollution contaminating breathing air or preventing us from driving our cars, the rancour of politics… and much more. Then we understand why employers are cautious in hiring new personnel, and tend not to replace outgoing employees, preferring to wait and “see what happens”.
We are approaching the beginning of summer, and a sense of great uncertainty is prevailing, but the same reasons that cause uncertainty paradoxically drive companies to be more active, develop new initiatives and plans. New establishments have been announced to open all over Italy, starting from Milan, where the new Park Hyatt is soon to be inaugurated, and yesterday’s newspapers reported about work for the building of a large Holiday Inn hotel near Milan finally being underway after a ten-year incubation. There is ferment among tour operators, too. I have just received an invitation to a press conference on the 4th of April, for the presentation of the cooperation plan of I Viaggi del Ventaglio and Frigerio Viaggi.
What is going to happen in the near future, when tourism – at least proximity tourism – most likely picks up again, and businesses need to respond to an increased demand? It will probably come all at a sudden, and there will problems dealing with last-minute needs in the recruitment of adequate staff. Some have been farsighted (or optimistic) and have chosen not to reduce the number of employees; others, on the contrary, have selected to postpone decisions. It is difficult to take sides at a moment when the only certain thing is uncertainty.

Translation of the Italian
editorial by Paola Praloran

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