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Caring for the others

Di Antonio Caneva, 15 Ottobre 2004

We are often so wrapped up in our day-to-day problems, that we do not have time to look around ourselves. In one of his famous statements, J.F. Kennedy said: “Don’t ask what the country can do for you; ask what you can do for the country!”. Even without dragging in such an illustrious name, we can ask ourselves in our daily lives what we are doing to improve our relationships with our neighbours (and we should remember we are all “neighbours”) and the quality of collective living.
A few days ago I had an experience I think is worth reporting. I received a telephone call from the secretary of the Director of Delphina, a hotel company that manages several establishments in Sardinia, to place an advertisement of great visibility. I read the text and was impressed by it: the ad was not intended for recruiting personnel, but was far-sightedly proposing a contact between hotels to facilitate the placement of Delphina’s seasonal workers, who were without employment after the season was over.
I think this initiative has been both considerate and farsighted. Considerate, because it is based on respect for the “neighbour”, and farsighted because, in so doing, it pursues a wise management of human resources. For a seasonal hotel which is in need of professionals every year, nothing can be better than being a point of reference for highly motivated personnel, in a relationship based on correctness and sharing.
Has Delphina thrown its money away? I believe definitely not: They have done something very interesting, which has additionally enhanced their public image; sometimes a little thing is enough to achieve great results, on condition that it is based on an important attitude – caring for the others.
By writing about Delphina I am not disclosing anything confidential, because the advertisement is there for people to see. What is not public knowledge, however, is that the Director asked that his name not be mentioned: he has only done what he felt was right. Congratulations!

Translation of the Italian
editorial by Paola Praloran

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