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Is it worth subscribing?

Di Antonio Caneva English translation Paola Pr, 16 Febbraio 2001

To those who may ask me if it is worth subscribing to Job in Tourism, I should give two answers; first the procedural one – which is yes – and then the convinced one – which is also yes. More than three years have passed since we started what initially was a challenge – to create a publication capable to respond to the needs of the world of labour and training in tourism, by means of articles and classified advertisements. I would probably not be here writing these notes had Amato Ramondetti not been so kind as to send me an appreciative and encouraging letter from the very first issue, enclosing a check for the subscription. Initially, subscribing was clearly an act of faith (and I am grateful to those who did it) which progressively, in the course of time, turned into a well-targeted investment. Long-time subscribers will remember the monthly newspaper which had problems being delivered, the mail service taking ridiculous amounts of time, and when we tried to speed up the distribution by turning to a private company, it was a complete fiasco. In spite of all that, as a reward to our commitment, the number of subscribers kept increasing, also because in the meantime we activated a website reserved for them, and we granted the possibility to publish a single-space advertisement free of charge. Then – finally – small, large, Italian and international advertisers perceived the importance of this tool (pardon me for saying so myself) which was acquiring increasing visibility. The final act of the growth process was the agreement with Italia Oggi and Turismo Oggi, which changed Job into a weekly newspaper, cut down the publishing time and ensured delivery on Fridays. This collaboration has furthermore been extremely successful in terms of contents. I am convinced that there is currently no publication that can equal the combination of Job in Tourism, Turismo Oggi and Italia Oggi, each occupying a specific space, in terms of insights into various themes, timely coverage of current issues, and fast updating on economic, financial and regulatory aspects. Are there not sufficient reasons to subscribe? Possibly. But we are incurable, and we are thinking of still more advantages for our readers.

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