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Egypt, BIT, tourism

Di Antonio Caneva, 26 Febbraio 2015

The Gallia Hotel, a faded icon of Milanese hospitality, has finally reopened after several years of major restructuring work.
On occasion of BIT 2015, Egypt made a prominent presence in the Milan event, and organised a gala dinner, precisely at the Gallia Hotel. The Egyptian Minister of Tourism was supposed to play host, but in the end he was stood in for by other ministry representatives. Nothing too surprising, of course: these things happen.
The rather anonymous hall where the meeting took place was full of guests who listened to the short speeches of the Egyptian delegates, one of whom started with the sentence “I am happy to be in Milan, and, while BIT is growing increasingly smaller, we have had a higher number of contacts compared with the previous years… “
These are, by now, the participants’ observations; and at that moment my mind went to what the same event was like years before. Then, in the large hall that hosted the hotel companies, you could find the whole world of the hospitality business, and, among others, I remember Turin Hotels, which used to organise elegant gastronomic and convivial events in their large exhibition space; the conversation, then, was about work, prospects, the future.
We know how the company ended up later on, and the same notion may be applied to reflect the current situation of BI16:25T.
Shame! In such a fast-changing world, it would be good to have a firm point of reference, even though there are no certainties any more. Nostalgia does not help: only creative planning and determination can help.

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