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New government, new tourism?

Di Antonio Caneva, 2 Maggio 2013

An acceleration: the system has undergone an acceleration, and we now have a new government. We have followed with interest its presentation, and with even greater attention the appointment of the ministers for the departments of the economy and tourism.
Let me say quite frankly that the two previous ministers of tourism, Michela Vittoria Brambilla and Piero Gnudi, did not convince us, and the results are there for everyone to see.
Tourism is believed to generate 10% of the GDP of the European Union, and to account for 12% of employment. These impressive numbers should be combined with indications coming from the Country Brand Index 2012/2013, according to which the Italy brand is number one in the world as regards food, ranks first in the heritage and culture dimension, and third in the shopping dimension, which makes our country the most coveted tourist destination.
The new minister for Cultural Heritage and Tourism is Massimo Bray , born in Lecce, editorial director of the Treccani Institute of Italian Encyclopaedia, very active in the cultural arena. We are aware that tourism in our country is currently in need of concrete action more than theories: we wish him a fruitful work, and trust that he will be able to ferry his ministry to a condition of improved operativeness, leaving aside, at this stage, all pointless discussions, and rather focusing on the concrete expectations of so many enterprises and workers.
I have always disliked those who justify their own poor incisiveness by using pretexts such as “I wish I could have, but… ” or “there are priorities ….”. I think that everybody is responsible for their own actions, and should be held accountable for them.
Our present need to overcome this difficult period demands resolute decisions; there will be no ifs and buts in judging the actions of the new government in the sphere of tourism.

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