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Work, Education and Commitment

Di Antonio Caneva English translation Paola Pr, 25 Gennaio 2002

We are in our fifth year of activity. Looking back to the past, I must note that it has taken perseverance to overcome day-to-day problems and to grow congruently. Being persistent – if not being brilliant – has been the essential requisite to pursue large and small projects in a context of constant change. We feel rewarded by the attention shown by our readers, which unquestionably testifies to the relationship we have been able to establish with them, on the basis of a few simple convictions, such as commitment, professionalism and consistency. Commitment is a constant and almost characteristic feature of those who work in tourism. A few days ago I was invited to the commencement ceremony of an F&B management course in Milan. The 25 participants – all professionals or businesspeople of the tourist sector – came from various parts of Italy, and many of them had had to commute every Wednesday for months, going through long, costly and tiring journeys. I was particularly impressed by one of the participants who – like the majority of them – had attended the courses and worked at the same time. Initially, as the summer season was not over, he used to travel from Jesolo; then he moved back home and had to commute from Lecce; finally, during the winter season, he had to travel from Val Gardena (not exactly a comfortable journey). Few occupations require such an amount of adaptability as tourism does, and the need for constant updating certainly does not simplify things. It is by now accepted that training must continue for a person’s whole working life, and we are fully convinced this is true. Nevertheless, such a strong commitment as shown in the example above commands our admiration and respect.

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