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Why visit Le Bouveret?

Di Job in Tourism, 26 Aprile 2002

A straight forward question: why is Job in Tourism organising a visit to the Ritz hotel management school in French-speaking Switzerland and to the Ritz university centre of Brig on the 27th of May? The answer is very simply to be found in the philosophy of our publication – to supply elements capable to stimulate reflection on the best operating opportunities in the tourist sector. By stating this we are not implying that the Ritz choice is necessarily the best, or that registering in a management school is a necessary condition to operate successfully: we only intend to point out one of the possible routes for a sound professional training. In whatever sector of the hospitality business a person may wish to work, it is increasingly important to achieve an adequate education. Whether you are to become a barman or a sommelier, a receptionist or a manager, what matters is being aware that without adequate preparation there will be great difficulties in developing a professional career, and it is therefore necessary to make consistent educational choices. In agreement with the Touring Club, on our website we have created a link with the Touring Club which illustrates 36 graduate or post-graduate courses in the field of tourism. Courses are regularly organised by various professional associations, and some private organisations, too, have developed specific educational proposals, sometimes offering high-quality programmes. The one-day visit to Le Bouveret and Brig, free of charge, is precisely moving in this direction – highlighting the opportunities available to those who wish to operate in tourism, and encouraging people to make choices consistent with their expectations.

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