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What vision: optimism or determination?

Di Antonio Caneva, 25 Luglio 2013

It seems like yesterday the year started, and we are already considering how much earlier darkness is falling at night; we have our luggage packed for the holidays, and yet at the same time we anticipate the coming autumn.
We live in the present, while casting a fearful look towards a future that is all but reassuring, and we wonder what to do. The most obvious answer would be in the words of Orietta Berti’s song: “just let the boat sail….”. The boat, however, is struggling, and it is necessary to put greater effort in steering it.
As on any occasion that causes a break in the routine, like now, being traditionally used to suspending the publication of our newspaper in August, we are carrying out a self analysis to assess what we have done and try and correct any mistakes we might have made.
One of the things I found most rewarding lately was the acquisition of a licence to operate in recruitment (under the name Resume) as head hunters; we have created an operating unit staffed by two occupational psychologists with an expertise in tourism, and, after moving to a new and larger office, we are preparing to tackle the autumn restart with determination.
I had closed the above sentence with the word ‘optimism’, but it seemed to be too much, and I changed it into ‘determination’.
This innovation could have been enough, but it wouldn’t have provided us with the emotional shakeup you can only derive from a non-traditional achievement. Bearing in mind that made-in-Italy is largely widespread and appreciated in the world, particularly in the restaurant business, and the economic development of the Asian area, we have therefore opened an office in Singapore which will operate in this area.
Is it too much? Possibly. But new problems need to be given non-traditional responses. Are we going to succeed in transferring the knowledge and expertise of Italian professionals to Asia? We hope so; in the meantime, however, feeling satisfied that we have fought inertia, we are leaving for the Dolomites.
As usual, we wish a good holiday to those who are breaking for summer now, and good working days to the many who are going to be working hardest in this period. We will be back on 29 August.

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