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What people look for in the web

Di Antonio Caneva English translation Paola Pr, 1 Febbraio 2002

We have made a few changes (which hopefully will be viewed as improvements) in our website We have developed a library area which allows to consult the technical articles we publish, we have started sending a weekly newsletter, we have launched a weekly poll and offered hotel advertisers to have their own webpage in the section H&H Hotel&Hotels. Among other things, we have installed a new counter which allows us to monitor the pageviews in detail, and thus got confirmation that the most popular columns are those of front-page classifieds. In designing the site (the third we have made) we asked ourselves what visitors would be most interested in, and came to an answer – with words like “job” and “tourism” in the site address, visitors would mostly be interested in employment. We therefore came to the decision to reserve a significant amount of space for ads immediately accessible from the front page, and the visitors’ reaction has been extremely favourable, with 95,100 impressions on those advertisements in the month of January. The growth of tourism and of the related services is by now dependent on the use of a tool such as the Internet, and we are convinced of the importance of a mixed paper/electronic system, combining characteristics and potentialities which complement each other. Does the newspaper come at a price while the Internet is free? Not really. Internet sites are increasingly offering pay services. We have our own philosophy, however, and sometimes we like going against the grain. Now we have decided to grant complete access to our site free of charge, after registration. We are confident that our regular readers will continue to be our subscribers, and those who only occasionally wish to seek information will choose the free-of-charge registration on This will benefit advertisers, whether individuals or companies, whose classifieds will enjoy greater exposure, as well as Job in Tourism itself, which plays an increasingly central role in the human resources policy in the sector of tourism.

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