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What if we also managed to charge the dues?

Di Antonio Caneva, 14 Luglio 2016

It is extravagant how hotels are sometimes careful to room upgrades, and then, on the contrary, neglect other revenue opportunities.
Specifically, I am talking about breakfast, which is often dealt with by hotels as a mysterious object, in a limbo between B&B and room-only prices.
When I travel, I usually choose the B&B formula, but sometimes, for some contingent reasons, I find myself booked on a rate that does not include breakfast, and therefore expect to find it charged to the bill.
In March I was in Berlin at NH Mitte, a hotel you can say anything about, except that it is well organised. As I walked into the breakfast room in the morning, the hostess correctly inquired about my room number, so I was sure I was going to pay for it on check out. It was probably my smile that made her forget to charge it: I had to remind the reception desk.
Immediately after I went to Turin, to a five-star hotel with which we had a barter agreement. The breakfast room seemed like an operetta stage, full of waiters who did everything except provide an adequate service. There too, indeed, I was not charged for my breakfast. If you consider that the price, as stated at the time of booking, was EUR 25 per person, and there were two of us, you see the loss for the hotel.
Nowadays all the attention is focused on great emotions: starred cuisine, spectacular wellness , and so on. What about paying more attention to the fundamentals, with adequate, reliable services with assured returns? Even though, at any rate, it is important to actually charge the dues to customers!
This digression on restaurant services is meant as an introduction to the topic of this special issue: F&B.
Enjoy the reading!

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