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What? Are you going to kick me out?

Di Antonio Caneva, 21 Novembre 2013

Those who take up a worldly-wise attitude when speaking of tourism, sometimes – with unbearable repetitiveness – like to recall passages from the beautiful “Italian Journey” written by Goethe in the early 18 hundreds.
Aside from such false erudition, it often happens that sentences pronounced at particular moments go down in history as veritable mantras , best described by the Italian word tormentone, which the Italian Treccani Encyclopaedia defines as “a theme or topic, always referring to the same subject, often summarised in an effective and incisive sentence or image, which is constantly reproposed”.
At the time of black segregation in the southern states of the U.S.A., in his famous speech held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington in 1963, Martin Luther King said “I have a dream …. “. It was the dream that all human beings be equal, regardless of the colour of their skin, which has come true in the United States, at least in legislative terms.
At the time of the Cold War between the Western and the Eastern blocs, during his visit to Berlin, in a historic speech before an immense and emotional audience, John Fitzgerald Kennedy said “Ich bin ein Berliner” (I am a Berliner). At that time I was in Germany, and I remember the impact of that speech on the German people, with their renewed hope to see a unified country, which did in fact happen some time later.
‘I have a dream’ and ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ are sentences that have made history, powerful sentences conveying high concepts and reflecting the moral calibre of those who pronounced them.
We all live in our own dimension, which makes sense of the events developing at a certain place and time, and if we had to characterise ourselves with a tormentone sentence at the moment, we could only think of Fini shouting at Berlusconi “What? Are you going to kick me out?”
There is no more comment to be made, anyway, you can judge by yourselves.

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