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What a language for the web?

Di Job in Tourism, 18 Luglio 2003

The Internet is proving increasingly useful in certain activities, but its role and trends need to be interpreted with sensitivity and attention. Far from being mature, the web is constantly proposing new models; after the free-for-all and the pay-service trends, we are now in the phase of doing what is sensible and useful.
A few days ago, Hilton presented a £8 million project (24 billion of our old lire) to build brand sites in national languages. The investment was prompted by the result of a study highlighting the importance of online communication in the local language, whence the creation of,, and, in the near future, the Scandic sites (forming part of the Group) in Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.
I was really happy to read this news, not because I am dying to visit a Hilton site written in Japanese, or because I have a particular interest in the 8 million pounds investment, but because no later than a few months ago Job in Tourism had the same intuition. After registering the international domains, we started activating jobintourism sites in various countries. Of course, in keeping with our budget size, the idea was to utilise the basic website in the English version, publishing articles in the languages of the countries involved. To date, we have thus published, de, at, and we are soon going to publish the others, in addition to improving the existing ones, as soon as we are organised and have found the local correspondents. Ours, of course, is a simple plan, but it goes in exactly the same direction as indicated by Hilton, once again showing that careful observation and common sense are often as valuable as large investments. Is our plan going to be successful? It is hard to tell: much will depend on our capability to make it attractive to the individual countries. One thing, however, is certain: since we started the project we have come into contact with many international players we would have probably never had the chance to meet otherwise. Isn’t this an achievement?

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