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Web reputation or good vibration?

Di Emilio De Risi, 30 Gennaio 2014

In the past few days I read some posts on web reputation. All the articles were rich in advice on website management, organic positioning, SEO, web marketing, social media, and the importance to respond to online reviews.

Well, in short, a description of good practices concerning the entire ecosystem comprising the online presence of a hospitality facility. Useful and quite proper details.

On reading these posts, however, I always feel somewhat surprised: is it too obvious to state that web reputation is nothing but the online reflection of our reputation?

Doesn’t it make sense to suggest that – in advance of monitoring the web sentiment – we should monitor and invest in our own product?

As we all know, tourism products are primarily about service, even more than furnishings. Hence, personnel training and retention.

This is the number one piece of advice I feel I can give, for the management of web reputation: invest in your human resources.

The suggestion may sound not so ‘digital’, but for as long as we are trapped between two worlds, the online and the offline worlds, we forget that strategy is strategy. As a result, we will spend our money badly.

A short appeal: hotels, please, invest in personnel, human resources, collaborators, or whatever you wish to call them!

Yes, of course, I know these are hard times, but not only for hotels,

Fewer stagiaires at all costs, let’s motivate and train our personnel. Let’s really do it.
This is a positive mantra that will produce a good vibration, and I can assure you that this will greatly boost you web reputation!

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