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Useful fairs

Di Antonio Caneva, 16 Maggio 2003

I have jotted down in a notebook the places I am planning (or hoping) to visit, among which Cairns, in Australia; Alaska in a cruise ship, the Galapagos Islands, and even – more modestly – Malta. A place that was not included in this list, and where I would have certainly never thought of going to, is Avellino. I was proposed to go on a press trip there, and out of curiosity I accepted. The educational experience had the purpose to highlight the potential of the Avellino province, though based on a specific event – the Terra mia fair held in Atripalda, with the aim to promote and publicise local production.
I have more than once expressed an unfavourable opinion on the current proliferation of fairs, which are often completely unrelated to real needs, and only testify to vain, over-ambitious designs; this morning, for example, I received a communication about a new hotel equipment fair in the Marche, and I am wondering who it may be addressed to, considering that there already is a similar well-established fair in the vicinity (the SIA of Rimini), and that there is not much space for expansion, as was proven by the decision made to hold similar, historic events in Genoa and Milan on a biennial basis rather than annually.
Such reflections are not at all pertinent to the case of Terra mia, because this event does reflect a real need of the area, presenting and discussing issues of the local economy, mainly focused on wine and cuisine aspects. Local wines have reached a very high level of appreciation, and with some difficulty manage to meet a demand that is no longer just national, but world-wide. Around the wine culture, greater visibility is being acquired by typical products such as olive oil, salami, cheeses, and all the good things this land can yield. Following the growth of wine cellars, a number of agro-tourist establishments are flourishing in the farmhouses near the vineyards, which will contribute to a greater popularity and economic use of the land.
Though being a new initiative (this year’s is the second edition), Terra mia has a profound significance and a sound local rationale, and a potential to extend its reach to the entire region.

Translation of the Italian
editorial by Paola Praloran

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