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Ttg Incontri has moved to Rimini

Di Antonio Caneva, 17 Ottobre 2003

We realise at night that the day has flown by, and available time seems to be less and less; the fact is we live in a world of increasing complexity and difficulty, and we need to expend growing amounts of energy if we wish to achieve any meaningful results, living hectically, and with a constant feeling of not having done enough. It follows from this consideration that it is necessary to prioritise commitments, identifying those that yield greater results with fewer resources. In previous years I had been to TTG Incontri in Riva del Garda, and I was wondering whether the current change of venue to Rimini was going to respond to the above requirement, i.e. if it would be worth the effort of travelling all the way to the Romagna town for the event. Well, the answer is affirmative. Saturday morning the large exhibition pavilions where the stands had been arranged were full of people; scores of interested visitors moved along the passages and stopped to talk with the exhibitors, in an effervescent atmosphere. It was a great event. The reactions I heard were unanimously in favour: the delocation has been perfectly successful. Rimini is clearly more central that Riva del Garda, its new exhibition facilities are more functional (uncharacteristically, the only downside – albeit a minor one – in a region famous for its cuisine was the catering service, beyond comment) and a number of factors combine to produce a successful outcome: from the availability of reasonably priced quality accommodation to the sense of vitality this region radiates. No doubt it has been fortunate that TTG was acquired by the Riminese; if it had ended up in a poorly organised fair in a remote corner of the country, now we would be making quite different considerations. But you need some good luck, too, in life, and in this case the good luck has been matched by a valid idea and good organisational skills.

Translation of the Italian
editorial by Paola Praloran

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