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Tourism and poorly used resources

Di Antonio Caneva, 22 Dicembre 2016

The year is ending leaving us with a number of novelties, generally surprising and to some extent unsettling. Among other things, we can mention the Brexit, the election of Donald Trump in the U.S.A., the victory of “no” in the Italian referendum with the government’s consequent resignation.
A consequence of the victory of “no” has been a confirmation of the current approach to tourism promotion, whose competencies are delegated to local authorities, with results that often reflect our worst qualities. Pharaonic exhibition stands in major world tourism events, to promote small villages which often hold no attraction for the local operators. Tourist representation offices in important capital cities, only promoting their own local areas at enormous cost, oblivious of the fact that tourism, in its complexity, can generate attraction only if operated as an integrated system. Regardless of individual opinions on the political consequences of the victory of “no”, it is a fact that tourism has missed a great opportunity to optimise resources.
In a crowded and noisy pub in Berlin, among posters of the unification and the later events of Germany’s political life, with ironic reference to the domestic situation, a large poster, obviously written in German, reads: “A country that has so many footballers, tennis players, race drivers and athletes can easily do without university”.
Paraphrasing, we might say: “A country that has so many natural and artistic beauties, charming hotels, a cuisine in constant growth, an envied lifestyle, can easily do without an intelligent tourism promotion system”.
Wishes of joyful festivities to everybody!

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