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The world has shrunk

Di Antonio Caneva, 24 Ottobre 2013

Clearly, Italy is in a period of great difficulty, and unemployment at 12,2 %, with youth unemployment at 40 %, are the most visible and worrisome aspect.
I was born in Venice and, in those times like today, the main activities that kept the city living were related to tourism and hospitality.
In order to make a career in hotel management, it was essential to develop an experience in hotels abroad; therefore I lived outside Italy for six years between Switzerland, Germany and England. Many things have changed in our country since then (not all of them positive) and sometimes a sort of idleness seems to pervade people.
Those who work often dream of a convenient. secure job round the corner from home: a legacy of a fairly recent period which, however, does not at all reflect the current situation.
The world has changed and, particularly to the young, I advise some healthy dynamism; renouncing the comfort of routine is not always bad: you can live pleasurable experiences even far from home and from your habits.
What is prompting these obvious reflections? The realisation that the world’s current socio-economic condition does provide opportunities to those who have some sense of enterprise, inspired by a classified that has been published in the last few days on the international page: in Lapland they are hiring Italian kitchen and dining room personnel.
Lapland belongs to Finland which is a member of the European Union, thereby making the hiring process easier.
A strong recognition of Italian professionalism can be found in many parts of the world: while it comes natural to think of job opportunities arising from the tumultuous growth of hotels in Asia or the Far East, we should also acknowledge that even in Zagreb they are seeking Italian personnel for restaurants (this advertisement is also present in the international section).
These are opportunities we should give careful thought to, particularly if we have a solid professional preparation.
The world has shrunk and is offering us new chances. Let’s not feel sorry for ourselves, let’s go for them!

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