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The web: joys and sorrows

Di Antonio Caneva, 2 Novembre 2017

Because we talk about the Internet all the time, we tend to believe that everybody has reached such maturity that online processes on professional sites, particularly buying procedures, are all easy and automated. On the contrary, quite incredibly, we sometimes come across hotel platforms where these procedures are cumbersome and complicated – which is a loss of business. Online visitors nowadays are used to speed and ease of use; when they don’t immediately receive a simple and intuitive reply, they tend to move elsewhere. If we then consider that some websites still instruct to send an email request in order to make a reservation, we really feel this is the web’s infancy.
Job in Tourism developed its first website in 1997 (prehistory), and since then we have tried to be constantly up-to-date, with frequent upgrades. We are now aware, however, that updates are no longer sufficient, and though receiving appreciation from our readers, we are convinced that we can and must do more. For more than a year now we have been working on a new platform – more agile and comprehensive. Every time we look at new developments, though, we realise that we could add some improvement; but enough of it now: we have decided to take the plunge, and shortly the new website will be put to the test of the only people who matter – you, our visitors.
Could we do better from the beginning? Perhaps. But I am convinced that better is the enemy of good. Let’s make use of what we have, and strive for continued improvement.

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