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The web in constant development

Di Antonio Caneva English translation Paola Pr, 24 Maggio 2002

When we started our activity, the Internet was talked about as something likely to be realised in the distant future, and the decision made in 1998 to develop a website of our own was little more than a palliative, countering the sluggishness of the postal service in delivering newspapers. Job in Tourism was then a monthly publication, and distribution in Sicily took place even 15 days later than the papers had been delivered at the Postal Collection centre of Milan. Four years have passed since then, and the web has by now become a tool of daily use, leading us to reorganise our work on account of the strong impact of the Internet on job searching. Our website is constantly registering a growth in the number of visitors that is simply astonishing, as is equally astonishing the advertisers’ consequent demand for an increasingly visible participation in this media. The Internet is a relatively simple tool – at least as concerns its basic features – and this has stimulated a great number of projects in the world which have set up their own proposals in job advertising, sometimes in the field of tourism. The true difference lies in the fact that such initiatives are often confined to the web, as they do not issue a printed publication, and for a number of reasons the web is not yet – and will possibly never be – the main means of communication. In an open market, obviously, nobody can enjoy any birthrights, having been the first is not a guarantee, one has to be alert and competitive, sensitive to stimuli coming from the public, from competitors, from technology… and that is why we are also developing a further set of web implementations which are going to be integrated with our other communication tools – the printed edition and the newsletter.

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