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The suffering of tourism

Di Antonio Caneva, 28 Luglio 2016

I walked into the storeroom and my suitcases winked at me, so I realised it was holiday time.
Tourism trade associations declare themselves optimistic (still now?) about the performance of the season, in spite of the recent criminal events. Indeed, I don’t believe that going to Madonna di Campiglio or Gargano may be more hazardous than staying in Milan.
An acquaintance of mine even told me that she no longer takes the Metro in Milan, because an important city may become a target of terrorism; but this is no remedy to globalised terror, when we read, for example, about an axe attack on a local train in Würzburg, a town unknown even to many Germans!
The fact is that such sanguinary episodes have become almost daily occurrences all over the world, no matter the size and importance of the location, in Asia, Africa, America, in Europe, France, Belgium, Germany, Turkey; terror has become global, and being possible anywhere, by definition, it is no longer anywhere to be found.
Despite the heartbreaking sorrow for the victims, there is no way to call oneself out, and there is no reason to change our habits and give up tourism, which is an antidote to depression. We should not provide arguments to those who want us to stand scared in a corner: life goes on, and we must persist and continue to enjoy it.
In a careful analysis of the current situation in relation to tourism, in the Corriere delle Sera, Beppe Severgnini wrote: “Is it reasonable to yield to anxiety? No. It is understandable, but not reasonable”.
I intend to go and listen to him at his book’s presentation, when I am on holiday in the mountains.
I wish you good holidays or good work, as the case may be. See you on the first of September!

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