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The Rimini fair looks to the future

Di Antonio Caneva English translation Paola Pr, 30 Novembre 2001

The S.I.A., international fair of hotel equipment, has taken place in Rimini, at the new fair quarters of the town. For those who were accustomed to the old premises, covering two areas separated by a street, so that visitors were forced to use an overpass to move around, the new fair area looks like a dream. Large glazed walls, water games, a fine design and – at night reflections of the light coming from the pavilions and from the large glass columns at the entry, lit up by a blue light inside. Missing was the traditional presence of the hotel managers interested in the well-established Hotel of the Year prize. I was indeed surprised to find out that – this year – the traditional Saturday conclusion with the prize awarding ceremony would not take place. In the past, the event had been eagerly attended and full of excitement, emanating galvanising vibes to the whole environment. It was also a way to attract qualified operators, who after the prize-awarding formalities would linger around the fair pavilions. I do not know the reasons why this interesting event has been discontinued, but I do hope it has been a temporary decision. Another small disappointment this year has been the generally not-too- lofty level of the meetings and debates held during the S.I.A.; last year, there had been proposals of a different calibre, some of them of international scope. I am certain, however, that the characteristics of the new fair quarters, the S.I.A.’s tradition, and Rimini’s talent for growth will be able to seize the opportunities offered by the new facilities. This week, with the B.T.C. -the conference tourism exchange – in Florence, the tour-de-force of this month’s events and fairs is (finally) coming to a close, having opened with Equip’hotel in Paris, and then having gone through Expotour in Milan, the World Travel Market in London, Igeho in Basel, and the S.I.A. in Rimini. A short pause now, while awaiting the B.I.T. in Milan, next February

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