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The foundations of the hospitality castle

Di Antonio Caneva, 10 Marzo 2016

Design, classical, lifestyle, vintage… And then: with or without desk, large or small, striking or simple…
Fads come and go, guests’ requirements change, but one thing remains the same: hotel rooms are the very core of any hospitality offer, the foundations on which the castle of travellers’ hotel experiences is built.
There is no point in hiding this: even in today’s hyper-technological world, hospitality still rests on concrete and tangible bases, which no virtual reality will ever be able to scar, let alone replace – the need to host guests in comfortable rooms, connected to the world, in a clean ambience and featuring a comfortable and relaxing bed.
This is truly essential, otherwise the entire building will inevitably collapse.
Hence the need for this special issue on hotel rooms, to find out about new design trends, smile at certain “obsessions” of the hotel world together with a real industry insider, but also to provide a number of useful tips for those who wish to further improve their guests’ experiences.
Small but precious tips contained in as many interviews collected in rigorous alphabetical order. The interviewees are representatives of a few leading hotel supplies companies. But, above all, the focus is on products, consultancies and processes… A great number of ideas to be followed up on, in order to find innovative management approaches, exclusive services, novel furnishings and original amenities, capable to surprise our guests and make them happy.
This, too, is a way to improve the quality of our offer and keep it in line with the constantly evolving market standards.
We do not expect to be exhaustive, of course: this would not be the appropriate place. But we have the ambition to be of help to our readers, by contributing our small tangible building block to the construction of a product both impalpable and concrete – the hotel experience.

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