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The economic crisis: what we are losing

Di Antonio Caneva, 22 Novembre 2012

In a recent paper on the secularisation of politics, Remo Lucchi, Honorary President of GfK Eurisko, describes the dynamics that led our country to the relative wealth of the years preceding the economic crisis.
He focuses on the processes by which the growth in material wealth was accompanied by a development of general culture, and outlines the main benefits of this:
“Culture is a ‘curious ingredient’: when it becomes part of us, we are certainly led to become aware of ourselves, but, at the same time, also to reach out of ourselves, inquire, explore the world, bring our attention to others, view others as a complementary and essential part of our existence. We come to believe that a positive relationship with others is a condition for life, for all forms of life. This leads to valuing others, and therefore respecting them from every point of view. This is the fundamental basis of Ethics”.
Sadly, we have been progressively departing from this description, curling up on ourselves, detached from our neighbour’s needs, focussing on our own problems and difficulties.
One of the winning features of our Country is a humanity not to be found elsewhere, a set of skills, inclinations, aptitudes which is overall connotated as “Made in Italy”, and which, even in tourism, is quite marketable all over the world, but unfortunately we are the first not to believe in these characteristics.
We have watched the televised debate between five politicians of the Democratic Party – but I am convinced that the same would apply to the other parties as well – who are presenting themselves as candidates at the primary elections (and should therefore explain their ideas) and we have heard nothing said about tourism, people, specificities; I am afraid that, in order to determine the true capacities of our nation, we have to go abroad, where there are people who can perceive our country’s great potential and humanity, which politicians ignore and make no effort to identify, except for the pre-electoral buzzword “tourism is the oil of Italy”.

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