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Sometimes a little good will is enough

Di Antonio Caneva, 11 Giugno 2004

Sometimes it really takes very little to activate energies that would otherwise be untapped and wasted. We live a breathless life, caught up in the many things we have to fit into one day, hardly having a chance to stop and reflect; and even when we do, we are unlikely to find the resources necessary to realise ideas that are not directly connected with business productivity.
I truly envy the people who are capable of a vision that is not merely utilitarian, and realise projects creating a benefit for the others, without thinking too much of themselves because of it, aware as they are that any action they undertake is but a tiny fraction of all that could be done.
One of the difficulties facing the young people who are to enter the workforce is the possibility to be visible, to propose themselves highlighting their own characteristics, interests and problem analysis skills. Those who have completed a course of studies, have usually produced a dissertation which somehow constitutes a synthesis of his or her thoughts and abilities and the attention devoted to some specific issue. Based on this consideration, and relying on our own means for visibility, i.e. the website, we have decided to open up a showcase for those who wish to present their works to those who may be interested. We have consequently created a section where, with little effort (the great effort had been having the site reach 700,000 pageviews per month), we have started presenting the most interesting dissertations, their authors and their authors’ resumes.
Sometimes we are shy of talking about our own successes, but in this case we wish to make an exception: though uncomplicated and containing only a few works, the dissertation section has immediately found a positive response, well exceeding our expectations. We felt that familiarising with this new proposal would take a period of time: it was a mistake. From the very beginning we received appreciative comments, and above all found that important companies had consulted the works proposed and contacted their authors. It is a source of satisfaction to turn young people’s efforts – otherwise risking to only be mere intellectual exercises – into something living and useful, both for their authors and for those who need the information contained.
As I said initially, sometimes it really takes only a little good will.

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