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Sleeping well in a hotel

Di Antonio Caneva, 12 Novembre 2015

As I enter the Riccione Conference Centre where the Hospitality Day is being held, I hear a ringing voice calling me “Hello Antonio!”; Giovanni Borriello walks up to me and we start chatting. He has some fantastic news, he announces with his usual enthusiasm. Let’s come together later, we will talk about it.
He knows how to make people curious! We meet later in front of a cup of coffee, and he explains to me his latest project, which is indeed interesting and innovative, to say the least. He puts a leaflet in my hands with the title: Rent2Sleep:H-Point changes the way you sleep. He tells me that he read about the sharing economy and got this idea: to supply hotel rooms with top-range mattresses to be changed every three years and pillows every 18 months, without the hotel having to invest in the purchase. After that period, the mattresses and pillows would be replaced with new ones, and the old ones would be donated for charity.
But are you sure it will work? You know that Italian people have a penchant for ownership. As much as ever convinced of his ideas, Borriello talks about what happens in the world, and brings two examples: in Germany they have started hiring camping tents, and in the United States local authorities hire heavy machineries together with other organisations. In this way, in the case of tents it is not necessary to buy and maintain equipment that is only used for a short period of the year, and the same applies to the heavy equipment that is needed by local authorities, whose cost can be amortised among several users.
He goes on to discuss something that is quite evident, even though it is often forgotten: the importance for a hotel to offer its guests a good quality sleep. I reply that the cost would be quite high, and he points to a passage of the leaflet, inviting me to read that “the costs are almost absurdly low”. I think in my mind that even for the owner of a Rolls Royce the cost of a tank of fuel is minimal, but…
We will have to see.
Many years ago, hotels had their own laundries for the linen, then they switched to renting; hotel rooms used to be cleaned by internal staff, and now in most cases this service is outsourced; might we have reached the next step?

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