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Sex, hotels and innovation

Di Emilio De Risi, 26 Gennaio 2017

That sex is one of the most innovative industries is by now accepted. I recently read an article on love hotels in Japan which inspired a few considerations on the hospitality business. I am presenting them subdivided into three areas.

Masters of segmentation and listening:
Many love hotels do not just sell rooms; they are designed to provide services that respond to their guests’ needs. Some examples? Rooms for sadists, for Japanese strip-cartoon lovers and for voyeurs.

Attention to social dynamics:
Have these alcoves of love become so famous just because they deal with sex? Not only that: they have been capable of responding to social requirements such as the Nipponic culture of decency and shame, which discourages effusions in public or inviting home friends and colleagues of the opposite sex.

Adjustment and innovation:
It seems that even during the recession that hit Japan, love hotels were a thriving industry. Their growth was due to their ability to adjust to the market. Is there an aging population and very low birth rates? They go by the sexual preferences of the over 60 (but, please, do not ask me what they are).

While love hotels in Japan deal with sex-related issues on a daily basis, how do Italian hotels apply these three important tools to provide better hospitality?

Segmentation and listening: how many hotels conform or confine themselves to macro-trends such as that of millennials, as I will never tire of saying?

Attention to social dynamics: one of the strongest in the West is the sharing of common areas. How many hotels are truly willing to open up their halls even to non-guests?

Adjustment and innovation: what to offer guests in order to create quality? How are certain professional roles developing and changing (consequently impacting on hotel management procedures)? These are questions that every hotel should reflect on.

Well, maybe the next time we meet our company targets we should all ask for a bonus trip to a love hotel. Obviously, for the only purpose to study its innovation approach!

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