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Past, present and future

Di Antonio Caneva, 9 Aprile 2015

In the last few days the news were full of reports about the nuclear summit held in Lausanne by the five permanent member countries of the UN Security Council plus Germany and Iran.
Some media reported that the talks were being held at the Beau Rivage Hotel, and a few photos portrayed smiling delegations against the background of the hotel sign.
The Beau Rivage is not new to such momentous events; in the entrance hall on the hotel side, back in time, a large marble slab appeared on the length of an entire wall, with engraved a keepsake record of the Lausanne peace negotiations of 1912, when a treaty was signed putting and end to the Italo-Turkish war with the mediation of Count Volpi (one among the major CIGA shareholders).
A few years ago I went to the Beau Rivage and could no longer locate this commemorative piece; I spoke to one of the managers and asked him where it had been repositioned, only to be answered by a stupefied look: he knew nothing about it.
Also from the Beau Rivage – where I worked at the time – the Algerian delegation would depart every morning to cross the lake to Evian, on the opposite side, where the peace talks were held that would lead to France leaving Algeria and to the creation of the Algerian Republic.
This is history, but there is no trace left of it.
Even for those of memories gone-by, Job in Tourism, as organiser of the tenth edition of Web in Tourism, an event focused on web marketing, a point of reference for the web and social network areas of tourism, which this year is hosting, among others, LinkedIn and, deems important to remember that, indeed, today is about having a look to the future, though not without being conscious of the past.

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