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Opportunities worth developing

Di Antonio Caneva, 2 Giugno 2016

Are we not hospitality operators, in the various forms of hotels, restaurants, entertainment, transportation, etcetera?
If, as is obvious, the answer is yes, then we could not but pay attention to the Champions League final between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, which took place in Milan last Saturday.
The numbers: 60 thousand foreign visitors, revenues for Eur 25 million, 400 million viewers connected from all over the world who , while watching the match, had a chance to savour and breathe the air that emanates from our excellence.
Milan has become beautiful, following the examples of Barcelona and Berlin; thanks to major urban projects it has shaken off the sheen of tiredness that enveloped it, turning into a city of great charm and tourist attractiveness.
Saturday was a sunny day and I was planning to go to the lake, but I later changed my mind and took a walk in the centre to enjoy the atmosphere of a big event such as seldom happens.
The Spaniards in town proved to be extremely polite and gentle, and filled the street in a cheerful spirit; the white and the red-striped shirts of the two soccer clubs coloured the streets, and the singsong of their language had a festive sound.
The local institutions, too, did a good job, covering the city in banners, posters, stages, creating the feeling of a large festival. At the Castle, they created a small synthetic football pitch, where old glories played for the enjoyment of the children and young.
The Gallery resounded with “Olé, Olé”, while the underground trains carried flows of Madrilenians coming and going. The new lilac line drives directly to San Siro, so it was inevitable to take it, to encounter the first groups of fans who were already present in the afternoon.
But, aside from the colourful notes, a successful event such as this should make us reflect on what could be done for the city (it is true for Milan, but also for many other beautiful towns of ours), and the candidates for the coming local elections could draw inspiration in developing their programmes, which, unfortunately, in the matter of tourism, are all too often unimaginative and repetitive.

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