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Monaco, development and consistency

Di Antonio Caneva, 1 Giugno 2012

Anyone who visited the Principality of Monaco during the Sixties was left with the image of a large bay, washed by a blue sea, with the large SBM hotels and the casino, displaying their striking architectures, the low buildings bordering the road, villas surrounded by gardens fragrant of Mediterranean scents, lush palm-trees and, overlooking at the back, Monte Carlo, with the distinctive outlines of the Prince’s Palace and the Oceanographic Museum. A fascinating place. Now the sea is still blue, but the landscape has changed completely. The villas along the coast, with their enticing gardens, have been demolished for good, replaced by skyscrapers which, with the passing of years, have spread more and more inland, all the way to the Rock that delimits the Principality. It was beautiful before and, in a different way, it is beautiful now, rich as it is in entertainment opportunities, which have grown on a par with buildings.
Nothing to object: people make their own decisions as to how to develop their lands. What is surprising, on the other hand, is that the same people who have permanently altered (i.e. utterly overbuilt) one of the most beautiful shores of the Mediterranean sea are simultaneously standing up as champions of ecology, with a special focus on environment protection.
Yes, Monaco is beautiful, but not consistent.
In the impetus of constant growth, new plans are being advanced: it is expected shortly that, as an exceptional event, all the three restaurants of the Metropole Hotel, managed by the superstar chef Noel Robuchon, will be awarded stars; an existing establishment, the Monte Carlo Beach hotel, retrofitted and restored, has placed itself at the top with five stars. These are interesting developments, but in reply to the question as to what type of development policy the Principality intends to pursue, the stated strategy is to focus on the young.
Now, by definition, the young have less economic means than their seniors, and if innovations are for the wealthy visitors, what youth policy is this?
Monaco is a very attractive destination, but, please, let’s not talk of consistency.

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