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Millenials: I can’t stand you any more

Di Job in Tourism, 30 Giugno 2016

Posts, tweets e retweets, articles and interviews. Everybody is telling us what millennials want. This is what I think: I have enough of listening to talks about millennials. This thought was prompted to me by an article recently accepted for publication in our newspaper.
Segmentation is one of the pillars of marketing: one thing, however, is to outline profiles reflecting group characteristics, and quite a different thing is to depict millennials or Generation Z as Venusians with four arms and two heads.
Speaking of hospitality, there are customer categories who have objective cultural or religious needs. We all know that in order to properly accommodate a person of Hebrew religion or Chinese origin you need some specific care, but obsessing with articles on how to deal with 30-year olds, which sounds less like marketing than “millennials”, seems to me to be too much.
They want wi-fi more than others do, they appreciate a lively lobby with flexible use of space, they need a power socket near their bedside tables in order to recharge their smartphones more easily. Other than that, they are human beings and, as such, they do not all fall into one category. They have a delicious and multifaceted blend of features. And the same applies to all the categories so anxiously pursued by hotels: women, sportsmen, LGBTs or millennials. Once the main requirements of every category are met, we are ultimately faced with human beings and their uniqueness. The rest is just noise, made by those who need to find something to talk about.
When I travel on business and hence become a business traveller, I have different needs from when I travel for leisure. But I hate the thought that, because I am a business traveller, the hotel assumes that my only needs are a comfortable bed and being easily in reach of my meeting venue.
But, in the end, don’t worry about me: mine are just the rantings of a specimen of Generation X, which seems to be among the most disgraced in history!

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