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Looking for a job

Di Antonio Caneva, 12 Febbraio 2015

They say that looking for a job is a job in itself, which is not far from true, even though, like every job, it needs to be done well if it is to yield results.
I do realise that current difficulties induce job seekers to make use of all available tools and to try and explore all avenues, but what sense does it make, for example, to apply as manager of a five-star hotel, by sending a CV where your last position was chef de rang?
When sending out CVs indiscriminately is a systematic approach, the only possible outcome is an increased sense of frustration with the lack of response.
In the past, applying for a position in a hotel involved a positive effort; you had to write a letter, put postage on it, go to a post box to mail it, and then wait. I know what I am talking about, because my own experience was in the hotel industry. Now, sending out job applications is very easy, but massive mailing places an unnecessary burden on the recipients, and actually turns into spam.
Sometimes people send their CVs without even knowing what they are doing. We had evidence of this at the latest TFP Summit we recently held in Milan, an organised encounter between companies and professionals in tourism. Some companies asked us to advertise a request for candidates for a job interview during the event, instructing us to screen the replies, so that they could contact the people for the interviews. Everything had been clearly specified in the published announcement, and we received numerous replies. We forwarded to the clients those that best suited their needs, and they proceeded to call the candidates and schedule the appointments.
As I said, it had been clearly stated that the interviews would take place in Milan. Well, a certain number of the people contacted declined the invitation to come to the meeting. I do realise that travelling a long distance may be complicated and even costly, but why advance your candidacy, if this is the case?
Even more unaccountable was the behaviour of those who confirmed their attendance, and never showed up, without a notice.
All this aimless bustling about in quest of jobs is of no benefit to anybody, either to the job seekers or the employers, and above all it does not help the system. A little more consistency would not be bad.

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