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Lo dging provided, like in the past

Di Antonio Caneva English translation Paola Pr, 27 Luglio 2001

Lately I have often come into contact with hotel managers who complain about the difficulties they encounter in recruiting personnel, and one of the issues that are recurrently mentioned – particularly by those who work in a town or city – is the need to be provided with staff lodgings, thus having the possibility to extend the search for the required personnel outside the hotel’s immediate surroundings.Those who have worked in the hotel business for many years, like I have, are perfectly aware that in the past hotel employees always used to be provided with on-site accommodation. They were very simple quarters, often located in unlikely places and not suitable for use by customers, but they did provide a solution for workers who did not reside in the same area. In the course of time, only seasonal business have systematically preserved the presence of personnel lodgings, whereas town hotels have turned to hiring local personnel, thus abolishing the need for workers’ living quarters. History tends to go in cycles, and reproduce similar situations. The current difficulty in recruiting qualified personnel for the various types of positions – as is essential to correct management in a highly competitive arena – is pushing hotel managers to reviving solutions which had previously been relinquished. Already a number of hotels – even in town – can provide lodgings to accommodate at least the staff who are in charge of their departments and functions. The types of arrangement may vary – areas inside the hotel, external facilities owned by the hotel, or leased apartments for the personnel. This is a further sign of increased attention being paid to human resources, with the comeback of certain advantages, such as the provision of lodgings which, in the past, used to encourage young people to choose jobs sometimes strenuous, such as those in tourism.

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