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Life and the time we have

Di Antonio Caneva, 24 Aprile 2014

A thought I had.
Putting hours in a row, until making a long line.
One of today’s mantras is that we don’t have time; we don’t have time for many things that concern us, others, our work, our loved ones. But is it truly so, or is it rather that we mismanage our time, we waste it instead of making good use of it?
Two hours a day, for example, is a small portion of our time which we often waste by doing nothing, zapping through TV channels to watch programmes we are actually not interested in, reading senseless articles that do not add anything to our lives, watching movies that are a shame to their authors, surfing the web in the search of trivialities.
Have we ever considered, for example in a span of 15 years, how long these two hours a day sum up to, how many hours they represent? On a rough calculation, about 10,000; a huge number of hours which, if used correctly, would allow us to meet almost all our aspirations, to gain insight and specialise in things and topics we have a passion for, which can help us in day-to-day life, in our jobs, but we feel we must neglect because “we don’t have time”.
You would like to obtain a school or university degree and, despite your wish, you cannot find the time? You can draw on that supply of time. You have parents, family, dear ones who need you to be near them? You would love to do so, but how can you, there is no time? Try and make use of those hours .
And so on and so forth, because when we go to the afterlife, besides asking us what we have done with our talents, they may also hold us accountable for what we have done with our time.

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