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Leave at least the beds….

Di Antonio Caneva, 21 Settembre 2017

It is theft. It is theft to pinch an ashtray from the hotel room, it is theft to take a bathrobe with you, it is theft to steal the beach towel of a seaside hotel; these and many other things are theft.
Even though such behaviours tend to be pardoned by current moral standards, this is not the way it should be.
An acquaintance recently told me “I was on a cruise and could not resist taking a logoed cup as a souvenir. They actually sold them on the ship, but they were too expensive.” This girl did not know that cruise ships, with their narrow profit margins, are prone to maximising ancillary revenues by outsourcing the management of passenger services for high prices. If she had bought the cup in the onboard shop, she would have paid a (high) price to a third party, while on the contrary she took away a cup that belonged to the shipping company.
I was travelling in Poland with some friends, and I very much liked a beer glass of the pub where we were. I said “I am going to ask the waiter if I can buy one”. “Are you kidding? Do it the Italian style, hide it and take it with you!”
Well, I just don’t like this “Italian style”.
Of course, there are hotels that notify that certain items (mainly bathrobes) can be purchased at the reception desk, but the cost is often prohibitive: they expect to make a profit even from this. It is a little like having the cake and eating it too. Because the sale of items is not their core business, it would be wiser to be content with recovering the cost of the items they don’t want to be stolen.
It would be a better way to fight the temptation of the “little devil” that is inside everyone, the one suggesting to excuse oneself by thinking “I am going to take this without saying anything, because the (greedy) hotel would want to make money out of it too!”

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