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Job in Tourism will become a fortnightly

Di Antonio Caneva, 31 Ottobre 2003

How can one break the news that – starting with the next issue – Job in Tourism will be published biweekly (every second Friday)?
Sometimes it is difficult to explain the reasons for certain decisions, such as the one made by Job in Tourism, at a moment when visibility is undeniably growing, and classifieds are constantly increasing in number and importance. Why then? The management of a business requires that you maintain a global vision and have the courage to make decisions. Our growth has allowed us to develop additional projects related to our initial mission as a “vehicle for classifieds ads”. Our magazine is now read and appreciated for its editorial contents, the Internet has become an essential tool of our proposal (with more than 20,000 pageviews a day), the newsletter has an increasing number of registered readers (currently more than 18,000) but, in addition to this, we intend to propose new projects such as the
Tourism Web Award for the best tourism website (online on, to vitalise our merchandising offer, organise meetings on tourism issues; ultimately, we want to become active players in the world of tourism, by establishing our professional presence. All of this requires energy and resources, and it is necessary to assess how to best plan activities. We believe that, by turning Job in Tourism into a fortnightly, timeliness will be preserved (classifieds will still be posted in the Internet every Friday) and more resources will be released to deal with editorial contents (the number of dedicated pages will be increased) and with the projects under way.
In January we will enter our seventh year of publication; we do not want to fall victims to the seventh year syndrome! We are working to become more and more useful and – hopefully – appreciated.

Translation of the Italian
editorial by Paola Praloran

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