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Job in Tourism: a training ground for opinions

Di Antonio Caneva, 24 Giugno 2005

The latest issue of the magazine presented a few bizarre situations – articles on the same topics, containing contrasting considerations. An interesting writing by Adriano and Massimiliano Biella maintained the inevitability of travel agents using the web as a tool for the growth of the agency system, while on the same page a quotation from Andrea Giannetti, President of Assotravel, reminded the reader that in spite of shortening the distribution chain, the Internet has not contributed to shedding light on the pricing dynamics of air transport.
The magazine also contained a coverage on olive oil, extolling the qualities of this excellent food, with particular reference to the oil from Siena, which is currently the protagonist of a culinary review developed by some of the most important restaurants in the country. The weekly survey, on the other hand, was about the proposal – made by several restaurants – to provide a specific oil list. The respondents’ reactions showed that oil is generally not perceived as a food of its own right, so that a separate, specific list will not be justified, except in a country-farm restaurant.
It may seem unusual that different opinions are published in the same issue, but we do not share this view. On the contrary, we are convinced that the true value of a publication precisely lies in being open to every position, as long as it is expressed in good faith and competently. We will rather leave unshakable truths to those who only live on certainties, as we are convinced that every issue can be viewed from several angles, all to be respected and given attention
Without being conceited, we like to think of Job in Tourism as a training ground for opinions, and we are the first to share this attitude, with modesty but with great conviction.

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