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Internet: is it so easy?

Di Job in Tourism, 19 Luglio 2002

Recovering from the new economy hype, many companies have started licking the wounds caused by hurried decisions made under carefree euphoria. Those who have kept up with the developments of the situation have seen that Internet projects have frequently drawn on the help of engineers, mathematicians, sociologists, technicians, gurus and what have you, often with catastrophic results. It was not unlike what happened at the time of the gold rush, when the gains were mainly reaped by those who supplied the tools for seeking gold – the horses, waggons, food provisions, shovels, etc. Huge editorial offices were set up, with hundreds of people, to create products which did not have a market, based on the idea that money would be made easily by just being present in the web. The recession has swept away many such illusions, and the Internet is going back to being (or beginning to be) just a tool, albeit one of unique effectiveness, which – like all tools – needs to be used appropriately. Job in tourism – through its site – ventured into the web in 1998, being well aware of the importance of the Internet, and careful to understand the true scope of its potential. In 2000, the relevant guidelines having been identified, the site was restructured by introducing the interactive features that are typical of Internet tools. In 2001 the site was again renovated, to acquire a flexible structure capable to link with new elements and components. We did not pursue any empty dreams of easy money. Humbly, together with the technical partner we selected – who has been with us ever since – we created a concrete tool of immediate practical use, responding to our readers’ needs; results have proved us right, and currently we are even reaping some economic benefits. If there is a lesson to learn from this story, which has rewarded us with a growth of 10,000 impressions per month, it is that new technologies are fantastic tools, but tools is what they are. How to utilise them must be the choice of the user, keeping away from mindless enthusiasm, carefully assessing the costs and benefits of investments and, above all, being wise in the selection of technical partners.

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