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Ideas changed into facts

Di Antonio Caneva English translation Paola Pr, 30 Novembre 2001

Last Friday I went to Le Bouveret, in Switzerland, to arrange the details of the important collaboration Job in Tourism is starting as from next month with the well-known Cesar Ritz hotel-management school (with branches in America and Australia).

As I came back Saturday, I had a chance to view our new website from home; even though it is not yet complete, it is a further improvement compared with the two previous ones. We might have waited before publishing it, we might have waited for it to be finished in all its parts, with the inclusion of a library containing our experts’ articles and the organisation of forums; we might have waited for the graphic layout to have optimised all the minor details which make visiting the best sites such a pleasant experience, but it would have taken time. Things by now are moving so fast, that ideas have to immediately be followed by actions, and if they cannot be accomplished in the best possible way from the very beginning… well, never mind, it is still a step ahead, as long as you work on constantly to achieve the best, which often happens at the moment when a new change is needed.

Sunday, in my office, I leafed through the latest issue of Job in Tourism, which I had not yet read because I had been in Switzerland, and was pleased to see the impact of the merchandising programme presentation. In this issue we are going to present our first cooperation agreement with EKweb & multimedia consulting, a company developing websites for hotels. It is an important event for the growth of our publication, enhancing the constant dialogue we seek to develop with our readers.

Starting from this online issue, advertising companies will further have the option to publish a web page in the H&H Hotel&Hotels column, free of charge, linked to their classifieds.

Job in Tourism is undertaking to unfold its ideas and turn them into something real and concrete, suitable to be proposed to the operators in the difficult world of tourist management, in Italy and in the world.

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