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How long does business last?

Di Antonio Caneva, 7 Gennaio 2005

During the Christmas holidays there is more time for reading, and this year, too, shunning the terrible news coming from Asia, I read all I could find at the newsagent’s in the village where I was. One of my readings has been Genteviaggi, where an article by Marco Giovannini recalled an American saying according to which every seven years one should celebrate a rite of renewal: by changing jobs, moving to a different town, or something of the kind.
That reminded me that Job in Tourism has just ended its seventh year of publications.
Nowadays, businesses spring up, grow up and die out in no time. There is a street in Milan I happen to go to often, Via Paolo Sarpi, where you can almost weekly see that some shop or other has changed; again in Milan, but I think the same applies to any other place, important shops of historic tradition change ownership and address, leaving a piece of history behind. Restaurants and hotels sometimes do the same. Large hotels tend to turn into apartment buildings, and restaurants, if they are well located in town, can become the stores of luxury fashion houses. The new economy has exacted a death toll higher than Attilas’, and the business mortality rate in general has escalated enormously.
In this climate of discontinuity, and reflecting on it, with no need to enumerate all that we have achieved starting from scratch, with only the guts of some who had believed in the project, I am happy with the seven years that have passed (though unfortunately being seven years older!). We are not lacking enthusiasm, and we have a huge number of new plans in store. In how many years? It does not matter how many: definitely, we won’t set a limit at seven. We believe in constant work, in day-to-day industriousness, and if somebody should suggest that we heed the American piece of advice, we would answer: no, why should we?

Translation of the Italian
editorial by Paola Praloran

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