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Hotels – Employee benefits package

Di Wahida Mahmood, 25 Luglio 2003

The war in Iraq and current economic situation has hit the hospitality industry very hard especially hotels which are the worst affected. Employers have introduced several action plans in cost savings and recruitment to manage well in these low periods of business.
Employees too are affected as this could mean losing their jobs through redundancies or lesser working hours. As the morale and motivation is at its lowest levels among employees, employers are urged to redesign their employee benefits package to comply with the current on going situation in order to boost employee performance and motivation in the organisation.
Benefits have always been termed as, a means of payment either by cash or incentives or packages offered to employees in an organisation on top of their wages or salary. It acts as a bonus due to their performance or employee involvement to the company. They could be for personal security, for example, health care services and sick pay or for personal needs, for example, holiday pay and free meals (common in hotels).
Hotels in general offer such benefits as:
– Staff rate accommodation on all their hotels and others in partnership with them.
– Pension schemes
– Food and Beverage discounts, etc
There is a constant need for these benefits to be redesigned to satisfy each and every individual and alas, to be respected as well. The future of them lies upon each organisation. Employee benefits package is on the spotlight being constantly revised to adapt to all changes whether economical or by trends. Employers need to bear in mind on significant factors that will drive them to change their benefits policies strengthening the link to business performance, cost control, support for organisational change and recruitment pressures which will enable the company to meet new challenges, quality and customer care.

As the future is unpredictable we are left to wonder how those benefits in operation, whether old or new will perform in a long term but they are likely to be affected by the employee, employer, organisation and its clients.

Ass.Front Office Manager
Jolly Hotel St Ermin’s – London

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