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Holidays are back.

Di Antonio Caneva English translation Paola Pr, 3 Agosto 2001

Towns have been deserted, left in the hands of the Japanese who, unabashed by heat, move nicely around in groups. Beaches are full: from the coast you can witness unlikely motorboats zigzagging in the way of sailing boats; mountains are turning into garbage dumps: August has come with its unalterable rituals. For many people working in tourism this is an important time, which will make or break the year’s performance. For many others, on the contrary, it is the well-deserved time of rest and entertainment – and we, too, are suspending the publication of Job for three weeks. Unlike other companies, though, except for the central week of the month, we are going to be in the office, to set order in our backlog of work and to focus on developing (finally with time and peace!) the plans to be implemented in the next few months. The first project is our new website, which is going to be richer in topics and proposals. We are planning to publish it already in the second half of August, even though not yet in its final version. There is another new project, which is going to be discussed in the first issue of Job after the holidays, and then a whole series of initiatives we are going to present in the course of time. I will not deny that – closing this first part of the year – we are feeling in high spirits. The thought of a short rest, before starting to develop projects with renewed energy, is extremely rewarding, particularly as we know that we will be able to rely on a careful public, supporting us with appreciation and sometimes justifiable criticism, who also constitute the very best part of the so-called tourist industry.

A pleasant holiday to readers on vacation, and fruitful working days to all the others!

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