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Getting out of anonymity

Di Antonio Caneva, 15 Ottobre 2015

It was convenient for me when, in its golden years, BIT was the leading event in tourism; it was convenient because I would just cross the street from my office, and I was at the heart of the event.
Now the fair’s pavilions have been moved out of town and, at the same time, BIT has lost the shine it used to have, to the point that visiting it is not even worth the cost of the metro ticket to get there.
In the meantime, we have witnessed the rise of TTG Incontri, the exhibition that takes place in Rimini and has established itself, year after year, as the leading event in the industry. I am honestly sorry, but this is the truth.
What happens at TTG? This year, in particular, there has been great dynamism; whether due to the improving market, greater optimism, or because there finally is more desire for action, the pavilions were full of exhibitors (which did not happen in previous years, when screen partitions and oversized lounge areas were used to make up for vacant space) and the visiting public was very numerous and active.
In this type of setting it is not easy to stand out and propose oneself; hence the need to think creatively in order to leave visitors with a lasting memory, attracting commercial proposals.
The Romagna nights were thus filled with entertainment opportunity; exhibitors invited people to their evening social gatherings, so much so that in order not to turn down invitations, you ended up jumping from party to party. It was very nice and interesting.
The event I most enjoyed, which I found creative and amusing, was the one organised at the fair by Planetaria Hotels: the “blind experience”.
Its name was vaguely perplexing, but it was in fact a pleasant and relaxing experience. The Planetaria exhibiting area was divided in two by a curtain, and you were received by a stately lady who knotted a blindfold over your eyes. You were conducted behind the curtain and seated on a comfortable reclining chair; enveloped by music, you felt two hands softly massaging your shoulders. Your arms were stretched on the chair arms, and two other hands massaged the backs and palms of your hands with a delicate ointment. A moment of well-being which, the way I felt, was even too short-lasting. At the end, you were accompanied outside, the blindfold was removed, and a kind young lady offered you a chocolate created for the event.
A nice way to ensure that you are remembered.

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