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Genoa, the European Capital of Culture

Di Antonio Caneva, 19 Settembre 2003

Genoa, wedged between the mountains and the sea, has always had a strange relationship with tourism, which – after the glorious years of the transatlantic liners connecting Italy to the other continents – underwent a steep decline in terms of both quality and quantity. The city has only recently raised its head again and tried to recover its rightful role; the G8 meeting was the starting point for the development of a new awareness, and a showcase of the city’s potential, and now a new opportunity is arising for Genoa to assert and consolidate its characteristics: Genoa 04, the European Capital of Culture.
During the year 2004, Genoa will be the focus of attention in Europe, and will have the possibility to display its own peculiarities; it will be a showcase of the history, culture and art of the Ligurian capital.
In his presentation of the event, Giuseppe Pericu, Mayor of Genoa and President of the “Genoa 2004” Committee, said that “Genoa is a city of great ferment and vitality, which is rethinking its pre-eminent role in Italy and in the world, after profound changes that are still underway.”
But Genoa 2004 is not only going to be an opportunity for Genoa to be in the spotlight; a project of such scope will necessarily involve the whole country, and its resonance will project Italy into the heart of international tourism.
In 1970 Italy was the country with the highest tourist flows in the world; now it has lost its pre-eminence, and currently holds the fourth place. Opportunities such as these, however, will contribute to convey a positive and successful image of our country, and to attract quality tourism.
That is why Job in Tourism, being aware that the tourism universe must draw on the commitment of all its stakeholders, has decided to make a contribution to the efforts made to promote this initiative, by becoming a supporting member of “Club Genova 2004” which co-operates with the event organisers.
For a full year – and we are proud of it – Genoa will be the focus of our interest, our own city, and the point of reference of our activity.

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