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For you, for us, for whom?

Di Antonio Caneva, 11 Ottobre 2012

I have always been puzzled by the phrase that is regularly used at the close of politicians’ speeches: “in the interest of the Country”. I wonder: in whoever else’s interest should it be otherwise, since the only purpose for which they are in their positions is to manage the State, or provide a service to the public and therefore to the Country?
Maybe they are not quite convinced of it, and continue to repeat it by way of self-persuasion. As a matter of fact, the current Government, which is composed by technical experts, does not reiterate this notion, rather taking it for granted.
I have recently attended a conference on the development of rural tourism in periurban parks, an interesting and stimulating topic, with relevance to agrotourism which is rapidly growing.
Rather vehemently, the attending local government member stated: ” our citizens – for them we are working every day…” and in my mind I conjured up a surreal scenario, where a person enters a hotel to check in and is welcomed at the reception: good morning, we have booked for you room number 212, which the maid, with the help of the porter, has cleaned for you. Then at the restaurant, after the order is placed, the waiter recites: let me serve you the soup which the chef cooked for you, and which I am now dishing with special attention.
The following morning, on checking out: here is the bill, prepared for you by the cashier, which I am going to cash (and this is the snag)… for us.
Alas, it sadly happens that, quite often, all these “for you” turn into “for us”.

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