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Few regrets about the closing year

Di Antonio Caneva, 20 Dicembre 2012

And so, the year 2012 is near to ending, and many people have no regrets.
In Milan, in the Duomo square, the Austrian Tourist Board has developed a dynamic Advent Calendar: during the month of December, every night at 6 p.m., a new window opens up, marked with the day’s date, and a musician appears, who joins those of the previous days to play a brass concert of Christmas music; it is a moment of yearning beauty in the already dark square, sparkled by the lights of a large Christmas tree. On the opposite side, the illuminated façade of La Rinascente reminds that Christmas is also a time for work.
Beautiful! We are approaching the festivities, however, with a sense of unease; those who have problems are burdened with unsettling difficulties; those who don’t are troubled by a sense of uncertainty about the future; on the other hand, if we think of innovation and we picture it in the persons of Bersani and Berlusconi…
Around us, however, the world is carrying on; recent data from the World Tourism Organization reveal that, for the first time, the number of one billion international travellers has been exceeded, and tourism accounts for 9% of the world GDP. Italy preserves its fifth position in the world ranking. Sure, we used to be first in the post-war period, and we didn’t do much to defend that level; it is also true, though, that the world has changed deeply, and new nations have forcefully emerged.
Unemployment is dramatic, particularly among the youth, to the point that many are no longer even seeking a job. How is it, then, that businesses are constantly pursuing various channels – and we are one of them – to search for professionals that cannot otherwise be found? The fact is that, though in the presence of shrinking employment, the supply of qualified skills is not always adequate, and competent skills will always be in demand.
One of the remarks generally raised by those who operate in tourism is the poor consistency between the effort required (in terms of hours, knowledge, experience, flexibility) and the remuneration levels. This is often true, but it is also true that professionalism, at least, enables to find employment at a time of economic crisis, and if I could give some advice to a young person, I would suggest to pursue a qualified professional occupation, accepting its limitations and valuing the positive aspects of this industry, which are indeed numerous.
A happy festive season to all!

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