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Easter is gone

Di Antonio Caneva, 20 Aprile 2017

Easter is gone and, for once, the weather forecast was correct, encouraging the movement of tourists.
In this period, we witnessed a heated debate on lambs (with a small “l”), which are traditionally slaughtered in great numbers for the Easter menu, with the President of the Chamber of Deputies, the Honourable Laura Boldrini, standing up in the defence of these animals, siding up with the Honourable Michela Brambilla (not to mention Silvio Berlusconi), as proof of the fact that, like “there are no longer four seasons”, there is also “no such thing as right or left” any more…
The attention paid to this issue is confirmation that, in serious matters, politics is always on the side of the weaker, a virtue that has indeed been displayed in the EUR 3.2 billion supplementary budget package just approved by the Italian Council of Ministers, which, as promised, did not involve any tax increases. Well, taxes on tobacco products and gaming do not count, because those are “not virtuous” businesses.
In the meantime, shamefully inattentive of lambs, games and cigarettes, we are focusing on our work. While looking forward to the new website we have been working on for quite a few months, we are also trying to innovate our customary activities.
This year, Web in Tourism – our event on web marketing – is celebrating its tenth anniversary, and based on a well-accepted suggestion from its traditional venue, Hotel Enterprise in Milan, we are planning to hold this year’s edition in an immersive setting.
It is a new approach to conference organising which leading-edge facilities are experimenting with: is it going to be successful, will participants enjoy and appreciate it?
Only experience will be able to answer or clarify these questions, and we do aspire to be among those who – within the limits involved – truly experience the challenge of innovation.

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