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Dinner in Monte Carlo

Di Antonio Caneva, 5 Aprile 2018

A large glass wall facing the sea, a unique view for those who are sitting in the coffee shop of Fairmont Hotel.
What is better than dining and enjoying the reflections of the moon glittering off the tiny waves lifted by the wind.
With my wife, happily seated, we read the menu. Only a few dishes, but it stands to reason: there is Nobu next door; if you want a complete dinner, all you have to do is go there.
The hotel also hosts a casino, therefore the coffee-shop menu includes a few dishes that can be ordered the whole night long.
They are really good, they take care of everything.
Never mind that the small light on the table does not work; the batteries are flat, and the waiter finds it natural to remove it and not replace it.
The main proposal in the menu is pasta with a choice of sauces. The ricotta sauce being in the list, we don’t need to investigate the alternatives, we just order that.
We wait for about a quarter of an hour, and the waiter comes to inform us that there is no ricotta cheese. This is a bit of a problem, because of certain food intolerances that prevent us from eating tomatoes. In the end, we opt for a parmesan sauce.
Ten more minutes, and they bring a plate of sticky cold pasta, the way it has been kept atop the waiter’s station without anybody bothering to serve it. And the sauce? That takes ten more minutes to be served, after we have already eaten the cold gluey pasta with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese we had to ask for. Most annoying, it seems that nobody cares, except for asking “is everything ok?” at the moment of bringing the bill.
The hotel is large (just so you know, it is the one facing the Monaco Grand Prix track) and they will always have guests staying with them, content with the beautiful view. But even the view may not be forever: in its hunger for building development, the Principality is creating a peninsula in the sea just in front (yes, a peninsula), which is going to host several condominium blocks, so that not even the view will be left for attraction, unless they hurry to improve their offer!
This is just a well-meant suggestion from a person who, in the past, has always come to this hotel with great pleasure.

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