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Difficult to be turned into opportunities

Di Antonio Caneva English translation Paola Pr, 18 Maggio 2001

In the Corriere della Sera of 28th February, in the third page column, I read an article by Giovanni Caprara on the mathematician Claude Elwood Shannon, whose essay on “the mathematical theory of communication” opened the way to the development of communication by the use of the binary code zero/one. I was struck by the closing sentence, which stated that – for him – the most arduous problem was only the best of opportunities to find out something new. I reflected on how many times we are faced with problems and difficulties and we do not take up a positive attitude ; I thought of myself, and the difficulties in developing a project such as Job in Tourism, where everything has not always been easy, and I wondered whether my attitude towards difficulties – which need creativity and determination to be overcome – has always been one of turning them into opportunities. I thought of the beginning of the publication of Job, four years ago, when the slowness of the postal service forced us into the Internet before others (an opportunity) and the need to accelerate the distribution of the then monthly publication led us to making use of newsagents (another opportunity), and when we became aware of the difficulty to develop an independent project with timeliness and visibility, and signed a cooperation agreement with Class Editori (yet another opportunity). We may not have met all the challenges and opportunities arising from the implementation and growth of our project, but we have always attempted to take a positive attitude towards them. I am now leaving for London, where next week there will be the international cruising show; it is a further challenge to be turned into an opportunity – globalisation is forcing us to measure ourselves not only nationally, but in every area of the world.

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