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Careful not to slip…

Di Antonio Caneva, 31 Maggio 2018

An austere room at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin . A press conference is underway by German hotel company Steigenberger, introducing their new brand. The company’s General Manager takes the floor and delivers the presentation of the new concept, flanked by his deputy. The attending journalists are focused, as serious as German journalists can be on these occasions.
Suddenly, the scene changes; a Steigenberger employee bursts into the room with some giant nameplates to place on the table, to mark the names of the company’s representatives. The conversation stops and, in the heat of the moment, feeling guilty for not having done this job before, the girl trips over and almost falls. A loud laughter welcomes this performance and undermines the solemnity of the conference.
I don’t know what happened to the employee, but the company surely did not make a good impression.
Sometimes, small and trivial faults compromise the success of events and conferences. Depending on situations, the reason may be the organiser’s difficulty finding the right hotel personnel to deal with a meeting at the moment of need, or finding the material that was shipped in advance, or having the stands built according to the set plans. Many variables condition the success of an event; they seem unimportant, but they are not.
The company holding an event is focused on its contents, and is not in a position to solve issues that are not within its competence, even though they can impact on the final result. It could not take action even if it wanted to, being at someone else’s place.
Hence the significance of the Q Factor Award, which will be assigned in Milan during Digital Mice 2, intended as a recognition for the conference organisers who succeed in providing a competent and attentive service – which, as is often said in the world of meetings and conventions, should exceed the client’s expectations.

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